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Russian most annoying holidaymaker

Russians most annoying holidaymakerOn holiday we find Russian tourists the most irritating. This is according to a survey by holiday site Zoover conducted amongst more than 12,000 holidaymakers from 20 European countries and a database analysis. No less than 42% of Europeans surveyed said that of all European nationalities they found Russians most annoying during their holiday.

On Zoover complaints about Russian tourists can also be found in the reviews. Much-used terms of reference are: loud, rude, ill-mannered and antisocial. Pushing in the buffet queue comes first as most annoying trait. Monique writes on Zoover: “We were staying in one of the better hotels in Turkey. I shall never return due to the massive number of Russians. Never before in my life have I come across such rude people.”

Top 6 most popular holiday destinations for Russians
Although you still have most chance of coming across Russians in all-inclusive resorts in Turkey and Egypt, the chance is also big on the Spanish Costas. Spain is currently also in the top 3 favourite holiday destinations for Russians.

1. Turkey
2. Egypt
3. Spain
4. Greece
5. Cyprus
6. Tunisia

After the Russians, European holiday makers are least fond of Germans (17%) and British (13%) tourists. The British are often negatively named in holiday reviews of Spanish Mallorca and the Costa del Sol. Most annoying Germans are to be found in Turkish Side and on Mallorca. The British themselves find other British tourists slightly more annoying (18%). We rub shoulders with each other in more or less all holiday destinations.

Top 3 most annoying holidaymakers

Top 3 most annoying for European   Where do you find them? 
1. Russians 42 % Turkey, Egypt, Spain
2. Germans 17 % Spain, Turkey, Italy
3. British 13 % Spain, Greece, Turkey

Top 3 most annoying for British

Top 3 most annoying for British   Where do you find them?
1. Russians 38 % Turkey, Egypt, Spain
2. German 25 % Spain, Turkey, Italy
3. British 13 % Spain, Greece, Turkey

Most friendly: Belgians and Austrians
The least votes for annoying behaviour are for Austrians (0%), Belgians (1%) followed by Scandinavians and Greeks (both 2%). In 2012 an international survey conducted by Zoover found the Austrian as the friendliest European. They appear to be particularly friendly and helpful hosts.

About Zoover
Zoover is the largest independent holiday review site in the Benelux and has sites in 25 countries. With 185 million visitors annually, Zoover is for many travellers the starting point for a successful holiday or day-out. Travellers review various aspects of accommodations, destinations and attractions. In the Netherlands Zoover also operates the labels VakantieReisWijzer, weeronline.nl and MeteoVista.  The website contains more than 2.3 million reviews and more than 356,500 accommodations in more than 45,000 destinations worldwide.

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