We want Italian men on holiday!

German men bottom of the heap, along with English women.

Zeist (Zoover) – On holiday women are most attracted to Italian men. That is, if their own countrymen are not around, since women still find their home-grown men the most attractive. This is according to a European survey carried out by holiday website Zoover among 2,000 respondents. Continue reading 'We want Italian men on holiday!'...

Italians most attractive

The 10 most beautiful hot air balloon rides in the world

Dream away with the beautiful photos of the most impressive holiday destinations. We have listed the most beautiful hot air balloon rides in the world. There are probably more undiscovered places which are breathtaking. If you spotted one, then share your photos on Zoover! But first our own top ten: Continue reading 'The 10 most beautiful hot air balloon rides in the world'...


Valencia wins first European Weather Award

The Netherlands (Meteovista) – Valencia has won the first ever European Weather Award for city breaks. The Spanish city has an average  weather rating for the whole of 2013 of 7.9 and so just pips Alicante for the title. Athens takes third spot in the list of top 40 major city break destinations in Europe based on holiday review site Zoover. Continue reading 'Valencia wins first European Weather Award'...

Valencia - weather award

Three quarters of European holidaymakers irritated by ‘claimed’ sun loungers

Zoover launches petition against reserving sun loungers

Zeist (Zoover) – It has gradually become holiday annoyance number one: ‘claimed’ sun loungers and chairs around the pool at your holiday accommodation. Over 73% of European holidaymakers get extremely irritated by this practice, according to research conducted by holiday review site Zoover. High time for Zoover to do something about this. Continue reading 'Three quarters of European holidaymakers irritated by ‘claimed’ sun loungers'...


Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world

Waterfalls are one of the most amazing natural wonders on Earth. It’s a beautiful sight to see thousands of tons of water flowing over a cliff and plunging into the river below. This list features the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Visiting one of these waterfalls below is a breathtaking experience, they will overwhelm you with the stunning view. Continue reading 'Top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in the world'...


Europe’s best hotel is in Italy

Casa Turchetti best hotel in Europe, though little separates the top 10

Zeist (Zoover) – Casa Turchetti has been given the highest rating by Zoover website visitors out of all European hotels, and so wins the title of best hotel in Europe. The difference in ratings for all hotels in the top ten was minimal, coming down to hundredths of a point. Germany and Switzerland follow close behind. Continue reading 'Europe’s best hotel is in Italy'...

Zoover Awards

65% dissatisfied with in-flight food

Zeist (Zoover) – 65% of Europeans are dissatisfied with the quality of the food they get when flying. Only 5.6% referred to high-altitude food as “tasty”. This is according to a new survey conducted by holiday review site Zoover.

Zoover asked nearly 2,000 holidaymakers for their opinion. Most said that they found the food on board flights “not so tasty” (39.5%) and 25% thought the food tasted “disgusting”. While 30% said the food was “reasonable”. Continue reading '65% dissatisfied with in-flight food'...

In-flight food

Spring fever in Paris: 5 must sees

Spring, the perfect time for a city trip to Paris!  This city is packed with museums, monuments, historical buildings and attractions. But what are the best things to visit and places to see? Here our suggestion of the 5 must sees that you should not miss on your trip to Paris.   Continue reading 'Spring fever in Paris: 5 must sees'...

Eiffel Tower

What to do in Kent?

Kent is located in the south east of England. Going on vacation to this area, there are plenty of places and sights that are worth visiting. To help you where to go, we’ve put together a list of five sites. Continue reading 'What to do in Kent?'...

Leeds Castle

The five most popular Greek Islands on Zoover

The interest for a vacation to Greece, and especially the Greek islands, is increasing. Reason for Zoover to research which islands are currently the most popular. We compared the five biggest risers with the interest in these islands last year! Continue reading 'The five most popular Greek Islands on Zoover'...